Media Strategy

In order to best address HIV/AIDS through the mediums of television and radio, the Heroes Project has developed a comprehensive overarching mass media strategy to address several groups at all levels of society..
General population
The disease knows no boundaries, no gender, and no religion and so must our messages that address prevention, stigma, and discrimination
Sexually active men
Messages need to increase awareness and alter attitudes so that men engaging in high-risk behavior can be empowered to make critical lifesaving choices
Messages will focus on creating an environment where women can negotiate for safe sex and seek information freely
The majority of newly infected people in India are under the age of 25 years. Messages need to raise awareness, promote safe sex and engage the youth to form their own response to the epidemic
Opinion leaders and key influencers such as medical professionals, health workers, policymakers and members of parliament, heads of business/industry and labor leaders, who in themselves serve as communication vehicles and influence either public perception or policy