The Mass Media Campaign seeks to create widespread awareness on HIV/AIDS, promote positive attitudes towards people living with HIV/AIDS, and influence groups to change high-risk behavior that make them vulnerable to the infection. It will use a series of public service announcements (PSA), online and print content, television, and radio programming as well as several educational events to do this. In order to best address HIV/AIDS through the various mass media, Heroes Project has developed a strategic communications approach to address diverse groups such as sexually active men, married women, and youth across all levels of society.
One of the main objectives during the course of the mass media initiative is to expand and coordinate the campaign with a range of media partners. Areas of association and activities within these partnerships include amongst others:
Pledging airtime/space for the release of PSAs, which will be available rights-free to all.
Developing original programming formats.
Incorporation of HIV/AIDS storylines into existing programs such as serials, reality shows, and documentaries.
Support for journalist programs and enhanced news and editorial coverage – employee sensitization.
Orientation workshops for creative content development.